Here are some remodeled bathroom examples that might help you define how to remodel your bathroom:

V&A Construction can help you create the bathroom of your dreams.

These are a few questions you should ask yourself before taking the steps in a bathroom remodel.

Why do you want to remodel the bathroom? do you want modernize the functionality of your current bathroom? Is it to update the style and color? Ask yourself if the bathroom design style should be classic or contemporary, mid-century modern or Bohemian chic.  based on the style you choose will it flow with the rest of the house?

How you plan to design the bathroom reflects both your aesthetic taste and lifestyles. Does the bathroom design you like fit your lifestyle? It could be that you live a fast paced lifestyle where you have a short amount of time for more than a quick shower in the morning. It could be that you like a long, leisurely, relaxing soak in a jacuzzi tub at night. 

Contact us for help on your remodel ideas. The more information you provide ahead of time, the more your bath remodel ideas will turn out exactly how you want it.



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